Accounting & Finance

W&A exemplify the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication required to meet the challenges presented by our clients. We employ Solutions-oriented IT Professionals with proven successes in managing the designs, implementations and integrations of cost-effective, high-performance technical solutions to meet challenging business needs. We offer a wide variety of information technology and engineering services that help our customer do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. We are known for implementing mission critical solutions that are dependable and efficient in meeting organization objectives.
Our services cover the entire product and system life cycle from assessment, to design, development, integration, and testing and deployment.

Engineering & Information Technology

  • Enterprise Architecture & Network Engineering Application Architecture & Database Architecture
  • System Performance Engineering/Testing
  • Applications Development & Website Development and Maintenance
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (NIST-based)
  • Systems Integration
  • Help Desk and End-User Support
  • Call Center Operations and Administration
  • Audio Visual Engineering and Communications
  • Broadcast video production & Post production design and operation

Facilities Monitoring & Management

  • Wired Facilities Monitoring
  • Wireless Zigbee/Xbee Based Monitoring
  • Monitoring As A Managed Service
  • Web-Based Metrics
  • Web, Text, And Twitter-Based Alerts






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